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The CH& Difference

Leveraging the Power of &

For companies and individuals looking for legal services in corporate finance, real estate, and litigation, CH& is a firm that breaks past the familiar…

CH& is a powerful legal partner very close to our clients. We provide companies and individuals with exceptional legal services by offering solutions that combine creative thinking, local partnerships, core expertise, and expert knowledge of our market.

CH& is an innovative force in the Pacific Northwest legal market. We strive to be a law firm that not only delivers exceptional legal service but connects, cares, and delivers in a way that is uniquely our own and rises above the competition. At CH&, we believe a client’s choices should not be limited to either/or, but expanded through “& thinking.” We continually raise the bar by opening our eyes and the world of our clients through “the power of &.” This is why & is the most important word in our name—it expands on the vision of what a law firm should be, leading to new opportunities, creative solutions, and a better client experience.

The & in our name drives CH& professionals. We believe that great lawyers should be intensely knowledgeable & passionate about their profession. That they must deliver superior legal advice & have the competitive spirit to do it better, faster, and more efficiently than anyone else. And this guiding principle translates to professionals with a nose for business & the creative energy to take our clients in new and exciting directions. It’s really the secret sauce of our firm.

At CH&, we view life and business from a place of &:

  • & leads to new opportunities, innovative solutions, and growth.
  • & is how our community, business, and client connections strengthen.
  • & defines a philosophy that helps us do the best work possible.
  • unites, sparks creative solutions, and leads to better outcomes.
  • & presents endless possibilities, new opportunities, and a better client experience.