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The Department of Defense Seeks Contracts for Purchase of Renewable Energy Credits

February 11, 2014 posted by Eric Christensen

The Defense Logistics Agency today issued a presolicitation notice indicating that it will seek Basic Ordering Agreements ("BOAs") for the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates ("RECs") by the Department of Defense and associated civilian agencies. RECs will be purchased from solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass generators during the five-year period from May 2014 through May 2019. The notice indicates that a formal Request for Proposals will be issued in March. A BOA is akin to the master agreements, such as the WSPP Agreement, familiar to many in the power industry. While the BOA does not guarantee that any particular quantity of RECs will be purchased, it sets forth the basic terms of the contract so that purchases can be made on an expedited basis. The announcement demonstrates the tremendous opportunity presented by the DOD's commitment to invest up to $7 billion to meet a Congressionally-mandated target of obtaining 25% of its power from renewable resources by 2025, as well as increasing the security and reducing the energy usage of military bases. If you have any questions about the DLA's solicitation or other matters related to the DOD's acquisition of renewable resources, please contact Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Tim Lowenberg or Eric Christensen. Together, Maj. Gen. Lowenberg and Mr. Christensen are leading the Renewable National Security Project, a joint initiative of the Gordon Thomas Honeywell law firm and Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs. Maj. Gen. Lowenberg, GTH-GA Vice President and Of Counsel to the GTH law firm, is a 44-year veteran of the Air Force, with extensive experience and contacts across the U.S. Mr. Christensen is Chairman of GTH's Energy, Telecommunications, and Utilities practice group, and has more than twenty-five years of experience in the energy industry. Combined with GTH's extensive experience in renewable energy development, Maj. Gen. Lowenberg's military experiences gives our firms, working together, unique insights to help guide clients through the often complex and daunting world of contracting with the military on energy projects.