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You Are Not Your Employees’ “Friend”: New Washington Law Restricts Employer Access to Employees’ Social Media Activity

August 2013 | Blog |

Are you curious about what your employees, or applicants for employment, might be saying or doing on Facebook and other social media sites?

Second Chance for Criminals – More Regulations for Employers?

June 2013 | Blog |

The controversial “Second Chance” bill passed the Seattle City Council unanimously on June 10, 2013, and becomes an additional requirement employers must follow in Seattle’s ever restrictive, employee-friendly canon of ordinances.

Caution – Hazardous Materials on Premises!

June 2013 | Blog |

In an article I wrote for the March 2013 issue of Western Real Estate Business Magazine, “A Tenant’s Guide to Environmental Liability Risk Management in Commercial Leases,” I wrote about drafting and negotiating commercial leases to protect the rights of tenants who need to bring and/or use hazardous materials on their leased premises.

Tainted Food Does Not Have to be Eaten to Cause Emotional Distress

May 2013 | Blog |

Just because a customer notices food is tainted before taking a bite does not mean a lawsuit has been averted.

Restaurants Beware! Gluten-Free Not Just a Trend

May 2013 | Blog |

Last week, attorney Jennifer Faubion, a member of Cairncross & Hempelmann’s Litigation group, provided the first installment in her two-part series on the current trend in food service to offer gluten-free menu items, and the legal issues most often associated with that. This week, Jennifer offers her second installment.

Gluten-Free: What You Knead to Know

April 2013 | Blog |

Jennifer Faubion is an attorney with Cairncross & Hempelmann specializing in helping employers navigate employment issues both preemptively and through litigation. Jennifer regularly advises business owners on issues related to state and federal laws and often writes about employment issues affecting the hospitality industry.

Ain’t Misclassifyin’: Independent Contractor Designations Now Subject to Tougher Wage/Hour Analysis

February 2013 | Blog |

Recent changes in Washington law have made it even more difficult for employers to establish that a worker is properly classified as an independent contractor.  If your …

Look Out For Drive-By ADA Lawsuits: Are You Ready?

January 2013 | Blog |

Over the past several years, hoteliers, retailers and restaurant owners across the country have been slapped with thousands of private lawsuits for failing to meet the precise guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).