CH& Attorney Aaron Duffy Joins ULI Young Leaders Partnership Forum

CH& Attorney Aaron Duffy joins ULI Young Leaders Partnership Forum. The mission of the ULI Northwest Young Leaders Partnership Forum is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise among young real estate professionals and industry veterans. The program matches young professionals, “mentees”, with experienced professionals, “mentors”, in small group cohorts. Each cohort is led by a mentor who brings in industry-leading speakers to talk to the group on a range of topics of their choosing, followed by an informal happy hour to network with the participants. Aaron’s mentor is A-P Hurd, a 20-year Seattle real estate, finance and technology veteran who currently serves as President and Founder of SkipStone, a real estate and strategic consulting firm.

ULI Northwest is a non-profit real estate and land development organization supported by over 1000 public and private sector members. Our mission is to promote leadership in the responsible use of land to create sustainable and thriving communities. We provide our members with independent forums for discussion and debate about city building issues and best practices.

Click here for additional information about ULI Northwest and its mission, and click here for more information on ULI Northwest’s events and ways to get involved.