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Kirsten Daniels

I Dream of Shiro, But Will Not Let Him Compete with Me

06/09/14 posted by Kirsten Daniels

Shiro Kashiba, founder and former executive chef of Shiro's Sushi Restaurant, filed a declaratory action in King County Superior Court on May 27, 2014, to prevent the restaurant's current owners from extending a non-compete provision against him. Keep Reading »

Robert Kaye

Advertising in Electronic Media

07/24/13 posted by Robert Kaye

Last September, I posted an article on the likelihood of future government regulatory and administrative actions regarding electronic media, and in particular mobile devices and applications that are used to advertise and obtain goods and services over the Internet. Keep Reading »

Jennifer Faubion

Second Chance for Criminals - More Regulations for Employers?

06/18/13 posted by Jennifer Faubion

The controversial "Second Chance" bill passed the Seattle City Council unanimously on June 10, 2013, and becomes an additional requirement employers must follow in Seattle's ever restrictive, employee-friendly canon of ordinances. Keep Reading »

Caution - Hazardous Materials on Premises!

06/06/13 posted by

In an article I wrote for the March 2013 issue of Western Real Estate Business Magazine, "A Tenant's Guide to Environmental Liability Risk Management in Commercial Leases," I wrote about drafting and negotiating commercial leases to protect the rights of tenants who need to bring and/or use hazardous materials on their leased premises. Keep Reading »

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