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Bryce Counts

Don't Get Left Empty-Handed: The Importance of Liquidation Preference

04/25/16 posted by Bryce Counts

In the world of venture capital financing, one of the most important terms, behind price/valuation, is liquidation preference. As a startup company founder, having a solid understanding of liquidation preference is incredibly important, as it could mean the difference between whether or not you collect any proceeds from a sale of your company. Keep Reading »

John Gregory

Why Coding Pizza Parties are a Bad Idea

02/23/16 posted by John Gregory

You've toiled away for years on your startup and you've worked really hard to land a big investor or to strategically position your technology startup for acquisition. Keep Reading »

Bryce Counts

Noncompete Agreements Becoming Obsolete?

02/08/16 posted by Bryce Counts

The state House of Representatives may soon send noncompete agreements down the way of the dodo bird . . . toward extinction. Keep Reading »

Bryce Counts

The Rules on Who Can Invest in Your Startup May Be Changing!

01/19/16 posted by Bryce Counts

The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") is taking a fresh look at the "accredited investor" definition with regard to Rule 506 (the securities registration exemption upon which most startups rely when raising angel and venture capital money). This could affect your ability to raise money for your startup. Keep Reading »

Bryce Counts

Are Special Classes of Founder Stock Right for You?

10/22/15 posted by Bryce Counts

There is a tried and true structure for capitalizing a technology startup: conventional common stock to the founders, conventional common stock reserved for employees in a stock option pool, and preferred stock to investors. Keep Reading »

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