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Mining, Gravel, Concrete & Asphalt

The lawyers comprising the CH& Mining, Gravel, Concrete & Asphalt group assist concrete and asphalt companies, property owners, lessees, and mine operators.

This industry group assists in answering environmental concerns and to obtain permits to mine rock and gravel and to batch concrete and gravel.  It serves both Western and Eastern Washington.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Drafting and lobbying for growth management, comprehensive planning and zoning legislation
  • Negotiating permit terms with local and state government
  • Assistance with environmental review by consultants and permitting agencies
  • Defending project permits against appeals from opposition groups
  • Assisting in negotiation or defense of enforcement actions
  • Helping to negotiate operational solutions with mine neighbors
  • Upon completion of mining, assisting with permitting the land for subsequent industrial, commercial or residential uses

Attorneys in the Mining, Gravel, Concrete & Asphalt group have represented clients in the following transactions:

  • Obtained Washington State Court of Appeals decision confirming non-conforming use rights for gravel mine (Jefferson County v. Lakeside Industries, 106 Wn. App. 380, 23 P.3d 542, op. amended by 29 P.3d 36 (2001), rev. denied, 145 Wn.2d 1029 (2002))