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Our Philosophy

At CH&, we believe legal choices should never be limited to either/or, but expanded through the power of “& thinking.”

It’s a mindset that that drives us to move beyond just providing great legal services. It allows us to do what we love and create higher standards for the ways in which we engage with our clients and our community. Meaning that the capabilities of our firm, it’s people, and what they deliver is enhanced by both feeding their passion and connecting with clients in authentic, new, and meaningful ways. It’s how our community, business, and client connections strengthen. It’s a reason why we continually challenge ourselves, and it’s a philosophy that helps us do the best work possible.

It’s our driving force because we feel compelled to move beyond convention, continually expanding on the vision of what a law firm should be.

Our Philosophy

Representing clients in all aspects of real estate development, land use and zoning, business transactions, litigation and bankruptcy and creditors’ rights.

One of the reasons why Cairncross & Hempelmann chose to locate their offices in Seattle’s historic neighborhood of Pioneer Square is because we represent clients in all aspects of real estate, development, transactions, and litigation.  We provide clear, practical advice to help clients achieve their business goals, whether it involves a simple lease renewal, a complex securitized financing, a mega-development proposal or a tax dispute. In each matter, we define success the same way: by meeting the client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At Cairncross & Hempelmann, find the attention and responsiveness of a small firm with the diverse range of knowledge and expertise that you would expect from a larger firm.

In an era of law firm mergers and growth for the sake of growth, the lawyers at CH& remain convinced that practicing law in a smaller environment can be more rewarding and meaningful. We are able to keep abreast of the affairs of the firm and its clients through a teamwork approach to legal projects. With this cooperative approach, CH& lawyers are able to achieve a degree of interdisciplinary expertise at all levels. We have developed a special working environment in which all lawyers maintain a proprietary interest in the firm and its business.

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