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CH& Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CH& is committed to a firm culture of diversity that reflects the many communities in which we belong and practice.  We strive to enable and encourage everyone in our firm to draw upon their unique experiences and backgrounds to help us thrive and deliver excellence to our clients.

We recognize that words are not enough when it comes to racial equality and social justice.  Our firm is committed to this important cause and has a detailed CH& Racial Equality & Social Justice Plan that invites all attorneys and staff to engage, take action, and continue to broaden diversity and awareness in our communities.  The CH& Diversity Team was founded in 2004 and drives the firm’s initiatives and action.

In 2021, CH& was placed on the shortlist for the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards for “Outstanding Firm for Diversity & Inclusion.”  This program recognizes achievements of firms and individuals who are furthering the advancement of diversity and inclusion across the USA and Canada.

How CH& Takes Action

Diversity Fellowship
In 2007, CH& began offering a Diversity Fellowship which includes a paid summer associate position in our firm.  This program helps increase the diversity represented in our firm as well as the legal community as a whole.

The CH& Diversity Team provides many opportunities for ongoing education on a range of issues.  Through firm-led watch parties and engaging discussions we continue to deepen our understanding of important topics, and we support this action with an online repository for important articles and resources.  We share regular communications about community activism including petitions, community happenings, reports on ways our employees are engaging in their communities, and more.

In 2021, Dr. David Campt and The Dialogue Company conducted a series of workshops with our entire firm on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Dr. Campt teaches the workshops to develop a knowledge base of microaggressions and unconscious bias and how to have productive conversations about race both in and outside of the workplace.

Pro Bono, Volunteering, and Diversity Mentorship Opportunities

CH& has identified key organizations that encourage pro bono, volunteering, and diversity mentorship opportunities and we facilitate engagement with these organizations.  Attorneys can designate their pro bono and mentorship time to their billable hour requirement and staff is given additional time off to volunteer with these meaningful community organizations.

In 2021, several CH& teams, including attorneys and staff, volunteer to support the Promise of Justice Initiative (“PJI”).  PJI is dedicated to helping individuals heal from the injustices and injuries caused by non-unanimous jury convictions in Louisiana.

Charitable Giving Match
All CH& employees are eligible for a charitable giving match for their donations to 501(c)(3) organizations.  Black Lives Matter is not currently a 501(c)(3) organization but still qualifies for matching funds because of the importance of their mission.

Holiday Recognition
CH& has a long tradition of honoring the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through our ‘Days of Service’ in January.  Each year, we identify non-profits in the Seattle area and coordinate teams of CH& employees to volunteer throughout the week.  Recent non-profits include Chief Seattle Club, Path with Art, Lambert House and the Pastry Project.  CH& also recognizes Juneteenth as a paid firm holiday as well as with educational opportunities.

Diverse & Inclusive Organizations
We believe that community organizations and local minority bar associations offer an important resource to all attorneys in our community, and we support our attorneys in their membership and participation in these groups.