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Forming Your Startup the Silicon Valley Way

July 2015 | Blog |

In most jurisdictions, all you need to do to legally incorporate is submit your articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State of the jurisdiction in which you want to incorporate and adopt a set of bylaws, and many online companies (and attorneys) will take care of these two things for you for a nominal price.

The Board of Directors’ Role, and the Importance of Obtaining Board Approvals

May 2015 | Blog |

If your technology startup is a corporation incorporated in Delaware or Washington, then it must have a board of directors.

How to Exchange IP for Shares of Stock in your Startup

April 2015 | Blog |

Founders of technology startups typically pay for their shares at incorporation by contributing intellectual property (“IP”) they have developed and that relates to the business of the startup.

Authorizing and Issuing Shares

April 2015 | Blog |

After a technology startup has been legally formed as a corporation, shares of its capital stock need to be authorized and issued to its founders.

Considerations When Naming Your Startup

March 2015 | Blog |

In this day and age, choosing a corporate name is no easy task. After you think you have identified the perfect name that embodies everything your new startup stands for, your work has just begun.

Launching the Company – Entity Selection

March 2015 | Blog |

You’ve had your epiphany moment, and now you’re ready to form your company and build the next white hot technology startup. But which type of entity should you choose?

Picking Advisors and Professional Service Providers

March 2015 | Blog |

Once you have picked your co-founders, the next step is identifying potential advisors and professional service providers who will help shepherd your startup to success.

Picking your Startup Team (Founder Dynamics)

March 2015 | Blog |

When launching your technology startup, the people you choose as your co-founders is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. There are many things to consider when picking the players for your team.