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CH& Ian Taylor

“Top-notch in every regard. I’ve been an attorney for over 20 years, and as a fairly seasoned attorney, I’ve been exposed to many attorneys and firms. From my perspective–to use a sports analogy–it takes a 5-tool person to be a successful attorney in a large private firm. You have to be social/personable, highly competent in your subject area, organized, responsive, reliable and a good business person. There are few attorneys who successfully hit all those areas. I’m pretty critical when I’m paying $350-500.00 per hour. Ergo, there are many examples of firms and individual attorneys who fail to meet the above standard. To date, however, the attorneys I’ve worked with at Cairncross (Matt Hanna and Steve VanDerhoef) meet, and even exceed that standard.”

- Ian Taylor

Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney | King County