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U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Tacking Doctrine Applicable to Trademarks
02/18/2015 -
  • Generally, the first user of a mark has superior rights to it.
  • Parties often dispute whether a mark is the legal equivalent of a previous mark.
  • Whether a mark’s use tacks to a previous mark’s use is a mixed question of law and fact.
  • Whether decided by a judge or a jury, trademark disputes can be costly and disruptive to businesses.
Good News for 2015: Lower Government Fees for US Trademark Applications and Renewals
02/03/2015 - The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has reduced the governmental filing fees for trademark applications and renewals, effective January 17, 2015.  For applicants that agree to utilize electronic correspondence, the new per-classification fee for a standard trademark application has been reduced from $325 to $275 per class.

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Hockey in Vancouver with our Friends at Lindsay Kenney
02/03/2015 - Cairncross attorneys made a trip north recently, to spend the evening in Vancouver B.C. with our friends at law firm Lindsay Kenney.  We took in a hockey game while we were there, and generally had a fantastic time!  This marks the second sports night we have shared with LK, as they joined us for a Mariners game last summer.  Next up?  Sounders!