Cairncross & Hempelmann Announces New Principal Lindsey M. Pflugrath

Cairncross and Hempelmann is pleased to announce Lindsey M. Pflugrath has been named its newest partner, effective July 1, 2018.

Lindsey has grown her Construction Law practice into an expanding lmp-2018.jpgand competitive practice area at the firm. She offers an integrated suite of services to her clients, providing advice on risk management, contract negotiation, conflict resolution, as well as defending her clients from claims.  Lindsey represents design and construction professionals in all areas of civil litigation at both the federal and state court levels, including defending her clients from claims involving allegations of construction defects, cost or schedule overruns on construction projects ranging from residential to commercial to infrastructure; as well as claims of personal injury or wrongful death against construction and/or design professionals occurring on construction projects or allegedly related to design/construction safety issues on completed projects.

Lindsey has earned several distinguished titles, roles, and awards in notable organizations such as the Urban Land Institute, American Institute of Architects, Construction Lawyers Society of America, the Seattle Architecture Foundation throughout her career; and has been selected to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list consecutively in Construction Litigation since 2012.

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