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Are Special Classes of Founder Stock Right for You?

October 2015 | Blog |

There is a tried and true structure for capitalizing a technology startup: conventional common stock to the founders, conventional common stock reserved for employees in a stock option pool, and preferred stock to investors.

Startup Advice Every Early-Stage Founder Should Hear

March 2015 | Blog |

The folks at GeekWire have been providing great coverage of the Dallas Startup Week.

Welcome to Cairncross JumpSTART

March 2015 | Blog |

Are you ready to jumpstart your idea into a successful new venture? We’re here for you.

The Good, the Bad, & the Regulatory: A Summary of a Recent FTC Report on the Internet of Things

March 2015 | Blog |

Internet-enabled devices bring near total connectivity. While this world of connection benefits us, it inevitably poses certain security and privacy risks.