Welcome to Cairncross JumpSTART

Are you ready to jumpstart your idea into a successful new venture?  We’re here for you.  At Cairncross & Hempelmann, we have decades of experience working with emerging technology companies.  We created Cairncross JumpSTART as a forum to communicate with you, the entrepreneur, and to share our collective knowledge with Seattle’s vibrant startup company ecosystem.  At Cairncross JumpSTART, we are building what we hope will be your go-to resource when you need a quick answer.  You’re busy, and concepts like fully-diluted capitalization and broad-based weighted average don’t need to be as difficult to understand as they are to say.  Our goal is to distill these concepts down into their most easily digestible form, so you can understand it, retain it, and draw upon it when needed. Finally, while we represent companies located all over the country, we are, and always have been, a Seattle law firm.  We are one of the few truly Seattle based law firms left in the emerging companies space, and because of that, this blog will pay special attention to the kinds of things technology startups located in the Pacific Northwest will want to know.  If we talk about a concept that has a different twist or a caveat under Washington law, we will point that out. This site will be updated frequently with information, tips and tools to make your interactions with your co-founders, service providers, investors, potential investors and lawyers more efficient.  Enjoy.