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You Are Not Your Employees’ “Friend”: New Washington Law Restricts Employer Access to Employees’ Social Media Activity

August 2013 | Blog |

Are you curious about what your employees, or applicants for employment, might be saying or doing on Facebook and other social media sites?

Second Chance for Criminals – More Regulations for Employers?

June 2013 | Blog |

The controversial “Second Chance” bill passed the Seattle City Council unanimously on June 10, 2013, and becomes an additional requirement employers must follow in Seattle’s ever restrictive, employee-friendly canon of ordinances.

Ain’t Misclassifyin’: Independent Contractor Designations Now Subject to Tougher Wage/Hour Analysis

February 2013 | Blog |

Recent changes in Washington law have made it even more difficult for employers to establish that a worker is properly classified as an independent contractor.  If your …