CH& Attorneys John Hempelmann and Randall Olsen Moderate “Future of: North Sound & Everett” Bisnow Digital Summit

Cairncross & Hempelmann attorneys John Hempelmann and Randall Olsen moderate the “Future of: North Sound & Everett” Bisnow Digital Summit.

Randall moderates a panel titled “Reinventing Communities and Finding Opportunity in the North: What’s Next for Everett?”  Panelists include Krista Lutz (OAC), Terrie Battuello (Port of Everett), Tom Sebastian (Compass Health), Dan Eernissee (City of Everett), and Paul Pitre (Washington State University – Everett).  Discussion topics include the increasing interest in developing in Everett, the different types of asset classes that provide opportunity for growth, and how leaders help the city growth, maintain long-term growth, and incentivize development in Everett.

John moderates a panel titled “Growing the North Sound, Opportunity Zones, TOD & Strategic Development.”  Panelists include Michael Gray (SageGlass), Rick Parks (TRF Pacific), Sloan Dawnson (Sound Transit), and Matt Wickens (Pine Forest Properties).  Discussion topics include the unique Transit-Oriented Development opportunities in the North Sound and how to grow communities for current and future residents.

John and Randall are key members of the CH& Land Use & Zoning team and have demonstrated a strong commitment to shaping the Transit-Oriented Development industry in the Puget Sound region for decades.