CH& Attorneys Terence Scanlan and Rochelle Doyea Speak at GBA 2021 Fall Conference

CH& Attorneys Terence Scanlan and Rochelle Doyea speak at the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) 2021 Fall Conference. They discuss significant changes made to several states’ anti-discrimination laws; how these changes impact employers’ obligation to accommodate cannabis medical treatments; best practices for employers’ drug testing procedures and policies in compliance with OSHA requirements; and the employers’ duty to accommodate on- or off-duty medical or recreational cannabis use. Additionally, they examine considerations for designing buildings where cannabis may be grown, stored, distributed, or sold.

The GBA serves geotechnical, environmental, and other geoprofessionals and hosts a semiannual conference. This year’s Fall Conference, “Reunion,” is a hybrid event supporting both in-person and virtual attendees.

Terence and Rochelle are essential members of the CH& Litigation Group and are adept at navigating complex construction litigation and the intersection with the changing landscape of employment law.