CH& Welcomes Dr. David Campt

CH& is pleased to welcome Dr. David Campt to conduct two workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion for all CH& attorneys and staff.  As seen on The Daily Show and heard on NPR, Dr. Campt is a nationally renowned expert in intergroup dialogue and civic engagement.

Dr. Campt leads all CH& employees through the workshops designed to develop a knowledge base and understanding of unconscious bias and microaggressions.  Through open discussions, we are learning how unconscious bias and microaggressions factor into our thoughts and actions as well as how they factor into systematic racism, and we will build concrete skills to counteract these behaviors.  Dr. Campt teaches skills to help attendees have productive conversations about race in and out of the workplace.

In 2020, CH& intensified our commitment to combat racism and promote diversity, equality and social justice.  “We are actively working to become an anti-racist organization through many efforts, including these workshops led by Dr. Campt,” said Sophia Bell Lavin, Executive Director at Cairncross & Hempelmann.

As lawyers and legal professionals, we recognize the importance of listening, learning, and being accountable for taking additional effective action to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in our community.