CH& Attorney Ana-Maria Popp Named Associate Fellow of The Litigation Counsel of America

2019-0326-associate-fellow.pngUpon high recommendation by a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America (LCA), Cairncross & Hempelmann Attorney Ana-Maria Popp has been selected as an Associate Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America.  Less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers are members of the honorary society.  Ana-Maria is an experienced trial and appellate attorney, whose practice includes construction litigation, corporate and partnership disputes, and real estate litigation.  She counsels clients on all aspects of the litigation process, from risk evaluation to case and settlement strategy, discovery and trial.

Ana-Maria received her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Washington School of  Law in 2007. Outside of the firm, she is active in a variety of community organizations, such as Highline College Foundation.


About The Litigation Counsel of America:

The Litigation Counsel of America is an invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society established to reflect the new face of the American bar. Membership is limited to 3,500 Fellows, representing less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers. The composition of the LCA is aggressively diverse, with recognition of excellence among American litigation and trial counsel across all segments of the bar. The purpose of the LCA is to recognize deserving, experienced, and highly qualified lawyers, to provide an outlet for scholarly authorship of legal articles on trial and litigation practice, to provide additional sources for professional development, to promote superior advocacy and ethical standards in the practice of law, to assist in community involvement by its membership, and to advance a superior judiciary, by taking relevant positions on issues or legislation affecting judicial compensation and/or benefits, as well as those affecting the American litigation processes.