CH& Sponsors and Attends KCSARC’s 30th Annual Be Loud Breakfast

Cairncross & Hempelmann attorneys and guests attend King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s (KCSARC) 2019 Be Loud Breakfast.

CH& sponsors and attends King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s (KCSARC) annual event to help celebrate the hard work being done to end sexual assault and the silence around it.  Margo Myers and Executive Director Mary Ellen Stone welcomed attendees and Ana Molia courageously shared her story of sexual assault and how KCSARC was able to help put her assaulter in prison and supported her throughout the trial and to this day.  KCSARC provides sexual assault-related services for people of all ages in King County, while working toward the ultimate goal of eliminating sexual violence and abuse from our communities.

To learn more about KCSARC’s mission and to support its initiatives, click here.