Urban Land Institute Northwest “Emerging Trends in Real Estate”

Seattle, WA – This week the Urban Land Institute Northwest (ULI) hosted their annual “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report review with an assemblage of experienced real estate leaders who provide commentary on polemic industry trends.

With a 38-year history, ULI produces one if the most widely-read trend reports, and CH& attorney, John Hempelmann reported back that consensus still agrees that the economic recovery will continue for the next 2 to 3 years, but at a moderating pace.

Also noted, was since earlier recessions have been triggered by the collapse of real estate bubbles, it is helpful to see that the real estate industry is “self-correcting” during the current economic expansion. Real estate companies are borrowing less and banks are tightening credit standards.

For several years, Seattle has been in the ULI Emerging Trends list of the top five cities in the country for investments in most real estate asset classes. In its new 2017 Report, ULI lists Seattle as 4th in Markets to Watch for investment and development.  ULI analyzed 78 markets in the 2017 Report.

Pictured: Pat Callahan from the Urban Renaissance Group and CH&’s John Hempelmann