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Cairncross & Hempelmann

Automatic Tips? Not So Fast!

Those mandatory 18% tips on checks for large dining parties will get more expensive for restaurateurs starting January 1, 2014.

Cairncross & Hempelmann

Franchise Terms: Is it in the Contract?

The oldest franchisor in the country recently took a hit in federal appeals court on its ability to set prices in its restaurants. The decision suggests that franchisors take a hard long look at the specifics of their contract language before changing course.

Cairncross & Hempelmann

Franchise Liability: Punishment for the Control Freak

One reason that the franchise method of doing business appeals to so many is that, if used correctly, both parties operate with some freedom. A franchisor usually can expand its brands and system at a lower capital cost than by company-owned growth, and can teach its business methods but is independent.