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I Dream of Shiro, But Will Not Let Him Compete with Me

June 2014 | Blog |

Shiro Kashiba, founder and former executive chef of Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, filed a declaratory action in King County Superior Court on May 27, 2014, to prevent the restaurant’s current owners from extending a non-compete provision against him.

Automatic Tips? Not So Fast!

December 2013 | Blog |

Those mandatory 18% tips on checks for large dining parties will get more expensive for restaurateurs starting January 1, 2014.

Tainted Food Does Not Have to be Eaten to Cause Emotional Distress

May 2013 | Blog |

Just because a customer notices food is tainted before taking a bite does not mean a lawsuit has been averted.

Restaurants Beware! Gluten-Free Not Just a Trend

May 2013 | Blog |

Last week, attorney Jennifer Faubion, a member of Cairncross & Hempelmann’s Litigation group, provided the first installment in her two-part series on the current trend in food service to offer gluten-free menu items, and the legal issues most often associated with that. This week, Jennifer offers her second installment.

Gluten-Free: What You Knead to Know

April 2013 | Blog |

Jennifer Faubion is an attorney with Cairncross & Hempelmann specializing in helping employers navigate employment issues both preemptively and through litigation. Jennifer regularly advises business owners on issues related to state and federal laws and often writes about employment issues affecting the hospitality industry.