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Understanding Vesting

April 2015 | Blog |

When founders launch their new startup, optimism is typically running rampant. However, it is not uncommon for one or more founders to leave the very startups they launch within the first few years.

Considerations When Naming Your Startup

March 2015 | Blog |

In this day and age, choosing a corporate name is no easy task. After you think you have identified the perfect name that embodies everything your new startup stands for, your work has just begun.

Launching the Company – Entity Selection

March 2015 | Blog |

You’ve had your epiphany moment, and now you’re ready to form your company and build the next white hot technology startup. But which type of entity should you choose?

Picking Advisors and Professional Service Providers

March 2015 | Blog |

Once you have picked your co-founders, the next step is identifying potential advisors and professional service providers who will help shepherd your startup to success.

Startup Advice Every Early-Stage Founder Should Hear

March 2015 | Blog |

The folks at GeekWire have been providing great coverage of the Dallas Startup Week.

Welcome to Cairncross JumpSTART

March 2015 | Blog |

Are you ready to jumpstart your idea into a successful new venture? We’re here for you.

The Exit – Preparing for a Sale of the Company

March 2015 | Blog |

In the salad days of the dot-com boom, exiting your internet startup through an IPO inside of three years almost became the expectation of any company with “.com” in the name. In these more sober web2.0 days, the path to exit has become significantly longer and more tumultuous.

Key Considerations When Contemplating the Launch of Your Startup

March 2015 | Blog |

When founders begin contemplating the launch of their technology startup, thought should be given to a variety of considerations, especially if one or more of the founders are currently employed at other technology companies.