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Land Use, Natural Resources & Environmental Law

The practice of Land Use consists not only of what you know, but who you know. Our extensive experience in the field translates into an astute technical knowledge of applicable codes and how they have historically been interpreted and applied.

Of equal importance is our understanding of, and strong relationships with, regulatory officials and the elected policymakers they serve. Our land use lawyers have practiced locally for up to 40 years and represent both public and private sector clients, including property owners, developers, counties and municipalities. We take pride in helping our clients successfully negotiate the sometimes Byzantine framework associated with land use, natural resources and environmental law. We do so by finding the most direct route to, and creative solutions for, obtaining the permits needed to move their projects forward.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Land Use Entitlements
  • Master Planned Developments
  • Impact and Mitigation Fees
  • Conditional Use Permits, Variances and Nonconforming Uses
  • Subdivisions and Annexations
  • SEPA and NEPA Compliance
  • Growth Management Act Compliance and Appeals
  • Comprehensive Planning and Zoning
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Forest Practices
  • Sand, Gravel, and Rock Mining
  • Shoreline Management Act
  • Wetlands and Other Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Land Use and Environmental Litigation and Settlements